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About Us

Culture Dock brings the village craft market, from destinations across the globe, into the homes of consumers. Open the Culture Dock app and filter by country, product, or organisation to access virtual stores being operated by artisans of the global South and master-craftsmen from developed countries. Without boarding an airplane, consumers are able to purchase authentic hand-crafted products while still contributing to the economic and cultural sustainability of regions they love.

Every Product has a story

Like jewellery made from bombshell casings by the Rajana Association in Cambodia — turning weapons of war into symbols of peace. 

making a bullet bangle (1).jpg

Artisan's create their own success stories

Culture Dock is an expansive platform, for socially conscious consumers, potentially hosting hundreds of thousands of artisans vetted by leading international organisations in fair trade and heritage crafts. We put artisans, their livelihood and cultural heritage at the heart of a retail platform that bends to the needs of traditional artisans. 

Photo: The Orkney Furniture Maker 

We Completely Remove the Middle Man

Filter by country, product and/or organisation to browse authentic handcrafted products from around the world. Consumers explore global cultural heritage through traditionally made products and accompanying visual content.


Backpack .JPG

Photo: Al Fayrouz

Founder and CEO


Kendall Hunter, is the author of Black Taxi: Shooting South Africa (Turnstone Press), a photographic memoir about a year she spent working on the front lines as South Africa transitioned to democracy. She is also the author of Culture Smart!: Switzerland by the UK publisher Kuperard, which is part of the global ‘Culture Smart’ guidebook series that assists with cross-cultural understanding and regularly contributes to The Women’s Media Centre where she writes about issues affecting women and girls. Kendall has also worked for two years with Ten Thousand Villages (one of the first fair trade organizations) and understands what motivates consumers in this space.

Shop Local — Wherever you are in the world
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