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        An Adventurous Shopping Experience

Photo credit: Indigenous Tourism Alberta Thank-you to Matricia Brown from Warrrior Women in Jasper!

A Virtual Marketplace Prioritising the Needs Of Traditional Artisans 

“We are excited to partner with Culture Dock to bring new online markets to unique artisan businesses all over the world. Innovative new approaches like Culture Dock are needed to support vibrant and important artisan businesses and bring them to new markets."


            ~ Peggy Clark, Director, Artisan Alliance; Vice President, Aspen Institute

“Culture Dock is an innovative idea to connect people around the world and give artisans a platform to bring their beautiful handmade products to the global market” 

                    ~Jette Ladiges,  World Fair Trade Organization 

I am so getting on your mailing list, that sounds AMAZING. I sometimes spend half my holiday trying to find the local artists, how nice to have an easy way to do so. I think this will be what more people want and need, handmade needs to be wherever you go not just something you do at home. Less Chinese made trinkets and more culture. How exciting for you and yay for bringing this idea to life.


~Irene Pollak

Owner Rumble Media: Digital Marketing Strategies.


Photo: The Orkney Furniture Maker

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